A few feminist-friendly stories for hump-day

*If a Virginia driver wants a cute little canary yellow license plate with smiling stick figure kids, they’re supporting a “Choose Life” campaign. Fifteen dollars of the $25 processing fee goes to Heartbeat International,  a Christian group that funds crisis pregnancy centers. The Washington Post reports that as of yesterday, “1,678 of the license plates had been purchased, and $10,170 has been earmarked for Heartbeat.” The plate has a drawing of a boy and girl under the words “Choose Life.” Jessica over at Feministing had an appropriate jaw drop at this news. Thank you WashPost for covering this story!

*Lifetime is running trailers for its new original movie “The Pregnancy Pact.” The story is about a gaggle of high schoolers who make a pact to get pregnant. Together. Yes, all together. Whatever happened to the good ol’ days when we just opted to pact together and be friends forever? Right when I was thinking that, Tina (otherwise known as Thora Birch) from the ama-zing 1995 film “Now and Then” walks down the hallway of the High School. She’ll throw her hand in the pile and chant “one for all…and all for one” with me. But nope, she’s in on it too. Well, not quite. Birch plays a  hard-nosed reporter who comes into the school to sniff out the pregnancy phenomena. Seriously, what’s up with our uncritical obsession with teen pregnancy recently? Juno, 16 and Pregnant, Teen Mom, The Secret Life of the American Teenager…please add to this list. The sad thing is a voyeuristic urge in me yearns to actually watch this. It’s interesting to see how our society reconsiles a life altering (I hesitate to say “ruining” for sake of being sensitive to people’s life choices) occurance such as teen pregnancy with our obsession with baby-mama-drama. The Pregnancy Pact, check it out for yourself.

*Kathleen Hanna? Bikini Killer? Le Tigress?  Riot Grrrl? Any of these names rink a bell? New York University’s Fales Library recognize them, and is archiving precious documents of the Riott Grrrl Manifesto and its offshoot movement in the early 1990s. Why does NYU care? They say because “the Riott Grrrl Collection will support scholarship in feminism, punk activism, queer theory, music history and more.”  Right when I thought the last Riot Grrls were dying off like an exotic species of birds they were, we get this news.

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